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Reconnect and THRIVE in your true natural state of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. The time is now to open the gates to a new perspective of how you can THRIVE in your personal life.



About jaima Luna 


Yamira has born and raised in Puerto Rico. At the age of 28 , in 2007, she moved to Las Vegas to start over with clean slate. Her intention was to have a better life for her daughter and herself. She achieved  these goals! By 2010, Yamira owned a house, a business as professional photographer and her daughter graduated with honors from high school and got accepted in UNR with scholarships. Yamira's empty nest, in 2014, opened a portal for her self-discovery. Her love for nature woke her up slowly. It was until 2017 that she began deep  healing journey with her introduction into Kambo.  Kambo cleansed and healed her on many levels; from chronic cramps, circulation problems, constipation, etc. to mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual growth. She felt like a whole new person, so much so that later on she decided go by JaiMa ( Victory of the Divine Feminine in Sanskrit). 

     In 2018 She sold everything and went travel Central and South America, Jai Ma’s focus was to learn more about herself and about the implementation of facilitating Kambo Ceremonies. Studying in the Amazon of Perú at Kambo Naturista -working personally with the frogs- she graduated, with in depth knowledge on the application and facilitation of the Kambo, becoming a wonderful Kambo Practitioner.

      In 2020, Jai Ma and her partner at the time converted a bus into their home and toured around USA providing Kambo, "vaccine of the jungle" , and holistic practices to conscious communities.

      In 2022, she moved to Costa Rica to start with a clean slate all over again, making Madre Selva her home.  

She expanded her knowledge on the holistic field by also being certified as Breathwork Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and  Ayurveda LifeStyle Coach. JaiMa's wisdom come from her studies and life experiences. Her teachings, spiritual practices and healing modalities are an infusion of different traditions facilitated in one safe container. During her facilitation of your healing experience you will undoubtedly be filled with a balanced and loving energy making your journey safe and comfortable for you to THRIVE .


Harvest of the medicine

Warning Alert‼️ This video might trigger sensitive pro animal people. I want you to understand that the frog is not harmed, nor in pain. Otherwise I wouldn’t  be facilitating this medicine. They, for sure, are uncomfortable and there’s a reason why. This way they can secrete the medicine since it’s their defense mechanism.


Robinson is from the Matses tribe, the pioneer of this medicine. He has been harvesting the medicine since he was 10 yrs old. He’s almost 60 yrs old now. He has the ability to call them and they respond. This is why I say this animal is a high conscious one. They come to us willingly, they don’t move from the branch we handle them to grab until we harvest the medicine. Then they walk calmly back to the tree. Robinson has a strong connection with the frogs and respect for them. That makes me feel that the frogs are safe and treated well, which is important to know when the DNA of the animal is going thru your veins.


I mentioned that you should know where the medicine come from because of its demand , the frog has been abused and the medicine has been compromised by adding other substances to dilute the medicine.


I encourage the Kambo Practitioners to contact the person you get the medicine from and take the time to go with them to harvest the medicine so you are sure that the medicine come from a good reliable source.


If we take this seriously, we can keep the frog safe from any harm and from people that has no interest from the well being of this majestical creature but for money.


This medicine has help thousands of people, including me. I serve this medicine with integrity and carry it with respect.

Please, screen your Kambo Practitioner, ask them questions, know where they trained, how many people have sat, where they get the medicine from, etc..This is an intense medicine to work with. It’s important to be informed and to find a reliable Kambo Practitioner.



Jai Ma is an amazing human and facilitator. She holds a loving, safe space and is also very professional with her work. She is personable and easy to connect with. Her knowledge and passion about the work she does is easily observed when sitting with her. We have had her facilitate for us many many times and have plans to continue working with her in the future. 5 stars! 100% recommend


This was the best experience I’ve had with kambo and I’ve sat with three practitioners. Its so important to sit with a facilitator with the right energy, integrity and intentions. Thank you Jai Ma for you powerful medicine!!


Amazing experience, very powerful medicine delivered in very professional, knowledgeable manner. Highly recommended!


This medicine is incredible! Jai Ma is a incredible and powerful medicine woman, and if you’re looking for the kambo experience letting go of all that no longer serves you this is the place to be!!! Fantastic

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 9.53.05 PM.png

The connection we have with our bodies, reflects who we are in life. I have been rehabilitating and correcting my body from years of toxins. These poisons come in many forms: thoughts, self talk, experiences, drugs, unhealthy foods, etc. It is all connected. Kambo is not psychoactive, so it is not euphoric and is not meant to make you feel good at all. It’s purpose is to allow you to rid yourself of these toxins that remain stagnet in the body. You will want to do this experience with friends or family, and that is exactly what you get with Yamira and TJ. They have a way of making you feel at ease, with their knowledge and experiences combined, you will feel very comfortable and safe. They guide each process with love and music! The meditations, music, and sound therapy will really allow you to stay connected to your body and become aware of the beautiful suit that houses the soul. I highly recommend this medicine to anyone who has had any history of drug abuse, anxiety, or if you really want to connect with your body on a higher level. This is to be taken very seriously as it is very sacred. A medicine collected from the skin of frogs who willingly come to the person who is in seek of this secretion. So no animals harmed! My heart is forever grateful to be able to have this medicine available to us here. Thank you Yamira and TJ!
Infinite love ❤️

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 9.59.25 PM.png

Kambo is such a powerful medicine to detox the body, also is the most powerful antibiotic and anti-inflammatory for the body is like receiving a natural vaccine that bust your immune system and also give your body strength and energy, and also remove the cloudy mind it helps to become more clear and present removing stagnant negative energy from your energetic field, I can truly said that kambo helped me so much to let go of bad habit foods and brought a new clarity into my life, and the best part is that yamira and Tj come to your own place so you can be comfortable in your own house to receive the medicine and I definitely enjoy the healing music that is playing live during the ceremony its really a powerful combination because is like receiving a double healing with the music and the medicine, I would definitely recommend kambo thrive to everyone is a life changing experience that you can gift to yourself for a new you!

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 10.08.15

Kambo Thrive ceremony was magical providing healing on physical and emotional levels for me. I loved how medicine worked with sound of traditional instruments and voice opening energy centers in my body. Guys did an outstanding work by providing guidance, applying medicine and being very attentive to details. I would highly recommend working with Kambo Thrive to heal and understand your body and mind!!! 💗🙏🏼

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 10.04.52

I had the privilege of been guided by Yami & TJ through my breath-work experience. Between the sounds, guidance and their voices I was able to dive deep into this process with no fear and total trust and surrender. I shook off what was weighing me down, cry it out and laugh. Better than DMT in the sense that can be as profound without the scary sensation! I 200% recommend Kambo Thrive to be included on your enlightenment path.
Forever grateful 🙏🐸

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 10.14.30

Fantastic experience! Very personal, designed to fit you and in the comfort of your home no less! The live music was the perfect aid in assisting the medicine, very professional, very clean, very excellent! Highly recommend 10/10 ❤️ 🐸 ❤️ thrive on

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